Mt. Taygetos

Ταΰγετος Μονοπάτια - Ξενώνας Πικουλιάνικα - Μυστράς

A natural border between Laconia and Messinia prefectures, with its highest peak disappearing into the clouds at an altitude of 2,407 m., Taygetos is one of the mountains of Greece to visit, whether you are a climber and hiker or simply a nature lover.

The area, included in the Natura 2000 habitat network, also belongs to the most important sites in Greece for birds (Important Bird Areas). The rare animal and plant species in the ecosystems observed in central Taygetos are of great interest worldwide.

In the middle mountainous zone of Taygetos we will encounter beautiful forests that will enchant every visitor, while in the lower parts, bushes and aromatic shrubs, ravines with perennial plane trees, gorges and canyons which supply water to the Evrotas River.

Taygetos will offer you the most beautiful hiking and walking trails. Apart from the unique nature, the mountain has exemplary pathway signalling, making it easy even for not so experienced mountain hikers.

For climbing enthusiasts, in Lagada there is a climbing area that includes four small slopes with sport climbing routes.

Prophet Elias, the highest peak of the mountain and the whole Peloponnese, with the chapel of the same name which is celebrated on the 20th of July, gathers each year many pilgrims and mountaineers. Sidirocastro (2.340m.), Broken Mountain (2.204m.), Goupata (2.031m.), Spanakaki (2.024m.), Neraidovouna (2.020m.) and Koufovouni (1.850m.) are some of the other mountain peaks.

For those interested, maps and route guides are available.


* Photographs,from Mr.Ioannis Gkleka’s personal collection